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Embracing Hate Of A Fake Friend

  It is easy to embrace hate, injustice is sometime found profitable both in monetary and ego gain. It is easy to go along to get along because forced partnerships..Somehow makes the day go by quicker because blind ignorance doesn’t need individual or original thoughts. But remember when hate is embraced. It’s lingers it stench […]

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  touch less, motionless, and restless, kisses missed, standing still and moving quickly is all I do. Guitars and harps strings thoughts arrives, lingers then slowly leave unapologetic to the silence which follows. softly creeps in picturesque memories so vividly dancing to imaginary piano keys, seemingly mocking this pain of loss eagerly urging defeat, knowingly […]

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Next Generation

It has been said that we raise our daughters and love our sons.. so our daughters not knowing love become grown women who practices in envy and spite towards each other. And our sons become grown men with a warp sense of entitlement that preys on our women weakness and each other..so the establishment of […]

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How to Conquer A People

  Religion is the most powerful weapon to conquer a people. More powerful than any gun or army might. You will find the most bravest will not be enslaved by the sword because this they understand. But the “unknown”, the fear of …will enslaved the mightiest warriors.. To destroy a ppl one must conquer their […]

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Can I Post That Video? Copy….written, Bish!!

You cannot copyright a beat! So, goes the line in a song made by Hip Hop Group: Public Enemy. What was the cause of the line, was intellectual property dispute, the right to use another’s creations for one’s own use? The group was correct to a degree, if a beat was one specific sound onto […]

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Trying to Find a Man at the Home Depot

  Starting off on the wrong foot Starting with the Alphabet and be on time, the school bell rings at a quarter to 9. So, it goes the secondary teaching of gender. The boys in one line the girls in another. The children are lined up according to height, the boys who are taller take […]

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