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Justification of Hate

Justification of hate is a disease that runs rampant through the heart of all mankind. It is our greatest separator, yet our common denominator. It is what keeps us from fully obtaining our rightful image of which we were designed. . On behalf of mankind, I would like to apologize to God for our short […]

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My Fatherless Sons

my fatherless sons, my biggest fear is not being able to teach you the full definition of manhood. My fatherless sons, your examples of manhood have been: pimps, drug dealers, and gangster preachers that tongues are forked. My fatherless sons, no one knows more than me the embrassment of the breadlines and your friend deaths […]

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Dead Eyes Don’t Cry

Dead eyes don’t cry..yet still see.. The lies, excuses, alibis… denial determination… lips turned up into a smile ..half witted grin…. heart empty in open space it hides…erected stance… Chin, horizon paralleled ….hair quaffed, gel well not a strand astray… Convented stilettos glide…well seasoned grace. What’s that bytch name?

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