Her Mission Statement

I looked that woman dead in the eye and told her that I respect the shit out of her. She never gives up and when most tapped out, she began to tap out a new beat; and those that try to hold her down are only free weight lifting equipment. I told her that I dig the way that her mind travels millions of miles and times without physically moving; how she stills.How she sits in the gymnasium and listens to Plato and within a nano second counting in binary, converting it to Solomon’s songs. I admire the way that the eye physicians can’t understand why she still has sight, not understanding that she pampers her third eye which she uses to focus and see. No man born unto her, yet she has created generations of strengths, unable to count the stars, of those that have and will benefit because she took notice and understood.

Heart broken and alone, like the others she build her walls, but her bricks where made of gold that she melted, molded, and soldered so those that abuse , stand in awe and shock…look and behold child of God, is how the story is goes, She remembered, mirrored and reflected life lessons and earned the title of blessed.

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