My Fatherless Sons

my fatherless sons, my biggest fear is not being able to teach you the full definition of manhood. My fatherless sons, your examples of manhood have been: pimps, drug dealers, and gangster preachers that tongues are forked. My fatherless sons, no one knows more than me the embrassment of the breadlines and your friend deaths making headlines. My fatherless sons with no financial ends and limited means. My fatherless sons with friends and associates whose aims are to keep you down so they won’t be left alone pressured to turn your beating heart to stone. My fatherless sons please remember I loved you though tears and regrettable sorrow, I have you tied to this ghetto, like the slave ships that crossed the Atlantic triangle by ways of current and swollen tides. My fatherless sons, my yelling rises, because I’am scared, see I’m just trying to keep you alive. praying that you will be the one to break the historic oppressive chains and realize no matter what the world says, you my dears are meant to be kings.. My fatherless sons, I love and trust you, but most important I believe in you. Your hearts engulfs all that you see and you translate the best of it for you and me. My fatherless sons, you tell me; momma don’t worry, though we tire of just living on blessings, everything so far as been a lesson. My fatherless sons have ambition created from turmoil turn from hate to love, Thank you LORD, I pray. My fatherless sons, promises made, from this day and generations to come there will be no more fatherless sons.

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