Which Mental State is Greater?

Sitting here thinking and my mind wonders… so what pop into my mind was this ..Moses did see the promise land, but he never step foot into the promised land. This fact never diminished his importance… the second :.. that two type of water (fresh and salt) can not come from the same source..

However if applied to the human ..think this .. the conscious is one source,  it is filtered through two sources. The two hemispheres of the brain …. the divider of these two hemispheres is the definition of free Will itself. Whatever energy path which the consciousness strength lays is the where the thought will be process and made reality to a person .

Now apply this to the mentally impaired. . Supposing they have more than one divider and these dividers are virtual. And depending on where the divisions lay is the result of the mental conditon.. now supposed that this same condition make the mentally impaired not lesser but greater mentally. Because they can access multiple parts of the human brain that is otherwise unreachable by the average person. Maybe it’s a matter of human escalation that we have not studied yet ..that maybe we should… These thoughts come to me and maybe they are wrong .But they keep my mind so occupied..but I think occupied too much at times.

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